Emotional State and Cognitive Workload during a Flight Simulation: Heart Rate Study


The monitoring of the physiological activity related to mental workload (MW) on pilots will be useful to improve aviation safety by anticipating human performance degradation. The electrocardiogram (ECG) can reveal MW fluctuations due to either cognitive workload or/and emotional state since this measure exhibits autonomic nervous system modulations. Arguably, heart rate (HR) is one of its most intuitive and reliable parameters. It would be particularly interesting to analyze the interaction between cognitive requirements and emotion in ecologic sets such as a flight simulator.

In 19th International Conference on Applications of Neuropsychology, Cognition, Emotion, and Motivation
Damien Mouratille
Human factors and neuroergonomics researcher

My research interests include Human Factors, Neuroergonomics, Biofeedback, Artificial Intelligence and Brain Computer Interface.