Cognitive workload

Conscientiousness in Pilots Correlates with Electrodermal Stability: Study on Simulated Flights under Social Stress

For pilots, the capacity to cope with anxiety is crucial during a flight since they may be confronted with stressful situations. According to the Big Five Inventory, this capacity can be modulated by two important personality traits conscientiousness …

Flight simulator and fNIRS : study of relation between acute stress and cognitive workload

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Influence of Anxiety and Mental Workload on Flight performance in a Flight Simulator

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Cardiovascular Correlates of Emotional State, Cognitive Workload and Time-on-Task Effect during a Realistic Flight Simulation

In aviation, emotion and cognitive workload can considerably increase the probability of human error. An accurate online physiological monitoring of pilot's mental state could prevent accidents. The heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) of …

Road safety and cognitive load: contributions from the TBRS model and physiological measurements

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Cognitive Workload and Personality Style in Pilots : Heart Rate Study

ERP : Decision making and deafness


Physiological evaluation of relationships between cognitive and emotional workload during a flight simulation

French Civil Aviation University

Emotional State and Cognitive Workload during a Flight Simulation: Heart Rate Study

The monitoring of the physiological activity related to mental workload (MW) on pilots will be useful to improve aviation safety by anticipating human performance degradation. The electrocardiogram (ECG) can reveal MW fluctuations due to …

Physiological assessment of the relationship between cognitive and emotional workload in a flight situation

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